Edmund Burgess crashed during practice run for the Chateau Impney Hill climb

By: Sun Motors  -  Published: 12 July 2016

A CLASSIC car enthusiast had a lucky escape when his Bugatti overturned during a hill climb event and landed on top of his HEAD.

Competitor Edmund Burgess, 59, flipped his 1932 Type 51 after he lost control and clipped the side of a corner.

Dramatic pictures show the black car flying through the air sidewards with the driver desperately clinging on to the steering wheel.

In another snap the Bugatti, which was the Veyron of its time, is seen upside down about to smash into the tarmac race surface.

Mr Burgess can also be seen trapped underneath the car after the smash with his helmet pinned against the road.

Other pictures show three marshals dressed in orange lifting the classic car off the stricken driver who can be seen slowly walking away from the wreckage.

Mr Burgess, who lives in Lavenham, Suffolk, crashed during a practice run for the Chateau Impney Hill Climb on Saturday.

Keen motorsport photographer Mike Dodman, 71, was watching the event in Droitwich, Worc., when he saw the Bugatti flip over.

The grandad-of-four, who lives in Bromsgrove, Worc., said: “It is an old car and they are not as easy to control.

“He was coming around the bent and the car wobbled and a wheel clipped the inside of the corner which flipped the car over.

“They don’t have the safety features you have on a modern car so the car rolled over on top of him.

“The marshals were quickly on the scene and lifted the car off him and he was able to scramble out.

“He was able to walk over to an ambulance that had arrived. As far as I know he was not seriously hurt.

“This was the only serious accident of the whole weekend so he was lucky.”

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